Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A small, multiple person example of common sense


So I read this one just for the "outrage" value, expecting to read a typical story reinforcing why Oklahoma is not a place I'd want to live.

Instead I got a whole bunch of people reacting to an awful situation in a really unsterotypical way.

Sure...the fanatic throws the liberals out of the hunting class. That much is per the script.

But the Father of the kid is a liberal Obama voter who relocated from California...and a Marine. He made his son get his grades up to deserve the hunting license.

The Department in charge let the fanatic go AN HOUR after the call, and held a private class for these folks so this kid could get his reward for good grades and spend time with his grandpa. I mean jesus h christ...how can you get any MORE American. Present and Involved father pushes son to get good grades....so he can spend time hunting with his grandfather? Talk about family values. Brings a tear to my eye.

Here's the part that struck me though. The family has one response to all of this...they are appreciative of the dept for going above and beyond. The department went above and beyond....no CYA...no "we dont comment on volunteers"....no boilerplate nonsense about being impartial. And NOBODY is trashing the old man they had to let go. Years of exemplary service...but we had to let him go.

It's like someone detonated an empathy bomb above Tulsa.

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