Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dead Tree Media Roundup

It's almost too much to keep up with on a Saturday Morning.

NYT - Major City Paperless by 2010

Define major city in this economic environment. If Detroit loses their paper does that count?

WaPo Shutters Biz Page

There isnt enough NEWS going on in the biggest meltdown in 80 years? I guess this is illustrative of Jon Stewart's point. The Business Media is a cheering section and the party is over. Now it's "news" so they dont need a business section.

Sad. Business pages all over the country should be like the Politics section on Election Year.

TMZ grows it's Business Business

No more Britney's panties or lack thereof. Now the Paparazzi are after the big shots. Every big bottle of wine and every take off of a private jet is now fodder for the gossip pages. Can't say I'm sorry to see some of these guys fed to the beast, but do we really want to demonize these people?

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