Monday, December 13, 2010

Standing Desk - Update

Folks, I'm a week into it and I'm declaring this little experiment/lifestyle change a success. I spend enough time in meetings and in short visits with co-workers to combat any soreness that might come up during a long day.

I might add also, that I am doing this in a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes, my feet are really supporting me all day without any assistance from shoes.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Standing Desk

Lots of new initiatives on deck for 2011, and as is typical for me I've started on several of them already in 2010. Nothing magical about January 1st right?

So what's with the standing desk then? Well I've always had a thing for the ethic. It just seems more productive to stand. I've also been battling with plantar fasciitis for years and find that the more I use my feet..the better they feel.

The last straw though was this article in the NYT about how sitting all day is really impacting people's health.

So there you go. 2/3 standing height, with 1/3 at the original height in case I just have to sit for some reason.

Update 12/6 - Half day in and no serious fatigue. LOTS of teasing though. That's the price of progress I guess.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ricky Jay

via kottke

Ricky Jay: "

Can you resist reading an article that starts off with an anecdote this interesting? I couldn't.

The playwright David Mamet and the theatre director Gregory Mosher affirm that some years ago, late one night in the bar of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago, this happened:

Ricky Jay, who is perhaps the most gifted sleight-of-hand artist alive, was performing magic with a deck of cards. Also present was a friend of Mamet and Mosher's named Christ Nogulich, the director of food and beverage at the hotel. After twenty minutes of disbelief-suspending manipulations, Jay spread the deck face up on the bar counter and asked Nogulich to concentrate on a specific card but not to reveal it. Jay then assembled the deck face down, shuffled, cut it into two piles, and asked Nogulich to point to one of the piles and name his card.

'Three of clubs,' Nogulich said, and he was then instructed to turn over the top card.

He turned over the three of clubs.

Mosher, in what could be interpreted as a passive-aggressive act, quietly announced, 'Ricky, you know, I also concentrated on a card.'

After an interval of silence, Jay said, 'That's interesting, Gregory, but I only do this for one person at a time.'

Mosher persisted: 'Well, Ricky, I really was thinking of a card.'

Jay paused, frowned, stared at Mosher, and said, 'This is a distinct change of procedure.' A longer pause. 'All right-what was the card?'

'Two of spades.'

Jay nodded, and gestured toward the other pile, and Mosher turned over its top card.

The deuce of spades.

A small riot ensued.

That's from a 1993 profile of Ricky Jay, who is probably more well known now for his acting (Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Deadwood, The Spanish Prisoner, The Prestige) than his magic scholarship. Check out a couple of Jay's tricks on YouTube: Four Queens and Sword of Vengence. (via df)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Losing Weight

Ok folks. Life or death thing to talk about. I've been trying to lose some weight and the pressure on my health has kicked it up a notch on the urgency scale. I'm going to try public humiliation as a strategy and see how that works. At the top of the blog you'll see a weight tracker. It's a bit coarse, but if you click through you'll see my daily data in all of it's graph-o-licious detail.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Death

Pictured here is the stump of the Former State Champion Cottonwood tree, just south and west of Ozawkie, KS. The two girls in the picture below are standing on a picnic table and are around 11 years old. It was about 30ft in diameter and well over 100ft tall. Nothing I can type can impress upon you the silent presence of something like this tree. Majestic is a close adjective.

Apparently it was struck by lightning sometime in the 5 years since this was taken, and all that is left there now is a stump. The park was simply abandoned and lays in ruins. Park benches tossed in the woods, historic marker absent.

It makes me heartsick.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jaywalking with the Times

This article in the NYT about Google's new OS is stunning in it's ignorance. Look at this one paragraph as an example:
The software, called the Google Chrome Operating System, is initially intended for use in the tiny, low-cost portable computers known as netbooks, which have been selling quickly even as demand for other PCs has plummeted. Google said it believed the software would also be able to power full-size PCs.

Newsflash "technology reporters"...the OS doesn't power the PC, the PC powers the OS. They go on to talk about how Vista was "designed for more powerful machines". It was designed to run on machines that did not exist, with the arrogant assumption that we would all just run out and buy new computers and put 4GB of RAM in them because Vista needed it.

Then the economy collapsed, netbooks happened, and low and behold Windows 7 is coming soon and it doesn't need all of that hardware to run.

The whole article reminds me of the old timers that used to wander in to Home Depot asking which tool had more horsepower. They'd buy a $19 drill that drew 3.5 amps over a superior model that only drew 3 amps all day long.

"Amps is like horsepower right?"

"Yeah sure. The plastic wall anchors are over on aisle 10."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bubble Machine

Looks like this article (link broken) by Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs is starting to generate a little bit of a kerfuffle around the wonkier corners of the Internet.

John Cole over at Balloon-Juice has some reaction as well.

Edit - this link works but it's only a summary