Friday, March 13, 2009

More thoughts on Cramer

There's nothing unique about Jim Cramer

I was thinking this exact thought while I was squirming in my seat watching Jon Stewart dismantle Jim Cramer last night. Glenn Greenwald of course has been lambasting the media almost daily, on the run up to the Iraq war, their almost universal lack of support for any accountability for crimes committed during the Bush Administration, and most recently for the abuse of anonymity with official sources.

What some people don't realize is that Jon Stewart is passionate about the role that journalists should play in our civic discourse, and he's kicked up a shit-storm over this issue in the past.

Watch him on Crossfire back in October 2004. 3 months later it was off the air.

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Mike Teeters said...

Okay, I giggled throughout most of it.

You've got the whole "the emperor's got no clothes" thing going on. Notice with Cramer you got the mea culpa almost immediately, these two can't even accept the premise. Stewart's style and wit just play perfectly into these types of conversation.