Saturday, March 14, 2009

Did you know ALL drugs were legal in Portugal?

Glenn Greenwald looks at Portugal and a Public Health Drug Strategy

Why is my first reaction to this, "Never Happen."?

It's like abstinence education writ large, with machine guns. We all know it doesnt work, people get hurt because of it, and yet we cant have intelligent conversations with our kids about it.

I think our foot is in the door on this one with the trend towards decriminalization..if not outright legalization..of marijuana. Take the issue off the table for the 99% of casual users that would NEVER touch a drug like heroin or cocaine and then look at the data. My guess is that things have settled down in parts of Massachusetts and that once people can point to the numbers there and see what it really means we just might start being sane about this. might "Never Happen".

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