Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chuck Norris Doesn't Sleep...He Waits

Batshit Crazy

According to the Hallmark Channel's favorite lawman, there is a heavily armed group of insurgents organized in cells all across this country waiting to rise up and destroy the Guvm'nt.

Terrorists you ask? No. Patriots.

I wrote off the endorsing Huckabee thing as simple minded religiosity. But between having Wesley "the IRS is unconstitutional" Snipes on his infomercials and now this nonsense, I'm going to throw a flag.

To paraphrase Captain Perry, Chuck Norris has met the shark, and jumped him.


Diane said...

Batshit crazy is right!

Mike Teeters said...

I'm gonna all Chuck Norris on your bee-hind, sucka!