Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Lie Until You Are Right

Retraction? Don't hold your breath.

So the "Ack...It's Socialized Medicine!!" crowd is out earning their paychecks and Bloomberg runs a couple of stories about Obama's new “National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.”

Problem is, the post was created by Dubbya back in 'ought four'.

Spin I get. But when someone publishes something that is simply incorrect, is there any accountability? So now the bobble-heads go on TV and repeat it citing Bloomberg (an august publication to be sure) and folks on the (D) side of the table are left refuting things that are false rather than arguing the merits.

10 years ago this might have worked...just like it did during the Harry and Louise flap. But now it's just dumb, and dangerous. We NEED someone to act as a check against some of the stuff that is going to get into this new Health Care Reform bill. But the reform is coming. There is no stopping it with a cloud of lies and nonsense.

Who is going to make sure that it ISNT like going to the DMV? Certainly not the Republicans. Again, this IS going to happen. But now, instead of it being an honest compromise with some thoughtful people advocating based on genuine concerns about limiting bureaucracy, it's going to be whatever Pelosi wants with some concessions to Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe.

I enjoy watching the idiot brigade twist in the wind as much as anyone, but we still need balance. Someone with some sense is going to have to stand up and call themselves a Liberal Republican and go fight the fiscally responsible fight or we're going to have a mess on our hands.

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