Monday, April 13, 2009

President Obama...You're My Heeeeeerooooo!!!

Please people. This whole Pirates of Penzance drama is being completely blown out of context.

No, it wasnt a test of Obama's resolve or whatever. Anyone that thinks anything beyond their next meal was in the minds of the Pirates needs their head examined.

No, this doesn't reflect on the President's military prowess in any way either. All he did was authorize the rules of engagement and get out of the way. If shooting three half starved and illiterate Somalis floating in the middle of the ocean required the direct involvment of our President, then we might as well mothball the Navy.

Folks, this was professional guys doing what they do. These pirates never had a chance, and it was an act of kindness to put them down with....get this...three simultaneously fired shots. Nobody knew anyone else was hit. One pop, three dead pirates.

So the reality challenged folks on both sides of the political spectrum need to go back to criticizing the First Lady's bare arms or lobbying for marijuana legalization or whatever and let the SEALS go back to cleaning their weapons and waiting on orders.

Not Presidential crisis, not averted by President, not test not passed. Nothing to see here....move along.

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