Friday, April 17, 2009

High Speed Rail

Color me disappointed, and not just for personal geographic reasons. Take a look at this map. Sure the Coasts are served, but they are disconnected. "You cant get there from here" spots all over this map. The big thing for me though is the nice, long, straight shots are gray or "other passenger rail".

Wouldn't it make more sense for these multi hundred mile stretches between cities to be spanned by something like a 300mph bullet train? Is Denver not a major city? Why are the Mountain West and the Great Plains not linked to the West Coast like the Midwest and Mid-South are to the East Coast and the Upper Midwest?

Kansas City to Dallas? No. Miami to Atlanta or points North? No. Anywhere to Orlando or Vegas? No.

I mean Tulsa has that half scale replica of the World Trade Center, but seriously...

Read the rah rah here.

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