Friday, April 3, 2009

Only in Horseshoes

Further our conversation about competence vs going through the motions....

I just watched a clip of Levi Johnston on Tyra Banks adamantly saying that he practiced safe sex every time.

every time?
every time.
EVERY time?

(wait for it)

Most of the time.

**BUZZZ** Wrong answer. You see only has to fail ONCE for it not to work. As you are about to learn in your career as a semi-skilled worker...things cannot be "mostly" level or "almost square" or "pretty much" grounded.

It's not enough for load chains to be in place on a tractor trailer load of pipe, they have to be secure and inspected every 100 miles or so. "What??...there were chains on the load" isn't going to fly when people end up dead. Physics doesn't give a shit if you tried. No "A" for effort.

If you decide to work with food it cannot be stored in "cold enough" coolers or cooked until it's "almost safe" to eat either.

This is the mentality of the "give me credit for trying" culture...and it's painful to watch them suffer the consequences. Amusing...but painful.

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