Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's Get One Thing Straight

For anyone that is concerned with Civil Liberties, this week's release of the OLC memos is an important victory. My choice of words is deliberate. It's a victory, which implies a battle.

Folks, the Obama Administration was COMPELLED to release these documents as a result of a lawsuit brought by the ACLU. As a reader of Glenn Greenwald's blog, I can tell you that the Obama administration has been fighting the release of this stuff tooth and nail, using the very same specious arguments that the Bush administration used before it.

They claimed state secrets, and when that failed they said, "give me a minute" over and over, extension after extension after delay.

These memos contain NO Intelligence information. Only the legal framework for justifying the means to gather intelligence. Now Dick Cheney is on the TV saying that we ought also to declassify other memos with DO detail intelligence and lay out in great detail what information was gained and how we averted 9/11 Redux.

Can you see how stupid this is? Dick, can I call you Dick?...if you want these memos released, you can sue just like the ACLU did. Give them a call. They are a principled bunch and will take your case if it has merit, even if you dont.

Dont count on winning though. You know...because they are classified for a very good reason.

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